Fidelia S.A. Corporate & Trust Services S.A., Luxembourg

(short form: Fidelia S.A.)

For several years, the economic and financial place of Luxembourg attracts many companies and investors.

Luxembourg offers an environment consisting in:

- a geographical strategic situation situated in the heart of Europe;

- a political and social stability; - a well brought up living standard;

- a population (484 000 residents) cosmopolitan, indeed 45 % of the residents are issue of foreign nationality;

- a country with several languages: French, German, Luxembourgish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch…;

- many advantages in tax and social level offering attractive taxation.

The company Fidelia S.A., member of the Order of Chartered Accountants, offers its services in order to satisfy mainly a clientele with international vocation or a local clientele consisted essentially of Luxembourgish SME (Small and Medium Size Enterprise). Our philosophy is to provide individuals services in order to establish a trusty and loyalty relationship with our customers. We bring you our know-how, which moreover allows us moreover to maintain narrow and regular contacts with notaries, banks, administrations and lawyers, by answering quickly, clearly and efficiently. We put at your disposal a team of competent, skilled and passionate collaborators, held by professional secrecy, in order to offer you a regular and permanent quality of services.